The Brazier at Raleghs

The Brazier at Raleghs cross is one of a pair the other one is situated two miles to the east of Raleghs – it was placed at Raleghs cross to commemorate 400th anniversary of the defeat of the spanish armada in 1588.  The original braziers were part of a regular network of communications to give news of the approach of an enemy at least from time of threats of spanish invasion in the 16th century to the Napoleonic Wars of the early 19th Century.

Near the present site stands a medieval cross, called raleghs cross after the Ralegh family, which once served as a landmark on the Brendon Ridgeway.  The pillbox formed part of England’s defences against invasion in 1939.

The Pillbox

The pillbox, a world war II pillbox, which is situated 100m west of Raleghs cross hotel survives intact at an important and well known junction on Exmoor.  It is one of 2 built inland on exmoor. It survives intact – its an example of a ‘Type 24’ Pillbox one of around 500 of the 1700 originally built in England.  The pillbox forms part of the anti-invasion defensive system established in 1940 to counter the threat of German invasion.

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